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Smaller organizations typically have higher rates of success with digital initiatives compared to their larger counterparts due to increased flexibility, faster decision making and greater efficiency.

On the other hand, they are often faced with frequently shifting priorities and higher cost constraints resulting in a restricted bargaining power.

We understand that selecting the best partner to work with is paramount for SME's, therefore we offer blockchain and digital transformation services tailored specifically to your needs:

Strategic Assessment

After conducting an initial assessment of your situation, we will define a digital roadmap that aligns with your company’s strategic objectives.
A special focus is placed on project prioritization to ensure your vision can be delivered within your constraints.


Planning and Review

We provide a holistic approach to project planning and vendor selection to help you reach your goals.
We will support you getting to the next level by providing an organizational structure review and a project management set-up adapted to your needs.

Solution Implementation

Efficiency above all else.
We apply tailored agile project management methodologies to ensure a results-oriented implementation at the project, program or company level.


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